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Company’s Contacts

The following information should be placed in some section of the site: legal address, postal address, office phone number (stationary), email, individual tax number (INN), general government registration number (OGRN), general government registration number for individual entrepreneur (OGRNIP)



  • Legal address: 111219, Moscow, 2-nd Roschinskyi drv., 2 / 12.
  • Email: shop@shop.ru 
  • Phone: 8-800-500-9876 

Company Details: 

  • IP Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich
  • INN 7778644521 / OGRNIP 1076564644123, 
  • Legal address: 129123, Moscow, Malomoskovskaya str., 12 / 4, 
  • Phone/fax: (495) 123-46-79, (495) 123-00-00

Business activity description

On the company’s site should be placed detailed description of goods and services that offered. The following details must present: price, description, configuration and warranty policy 


Privacy policy explain to users of the web-resource (site / mobile app) for which purpose user’s personal data is gathered and it will be used

Web-resource (site / mobile app) privacy policy must provide users with following guarantees:

  •  Privacy and safety of personal data
  • Information gathered from users will be used only to contact them including sending email notification

эThe main condition of privacy policy of web-resource (site / mobile app) is maximal transparency. After introduction user should get complete idea of the purpose of providing personal data, how this data is stored, used, protected and etc.

User agreement is arrangement between users of web-resource (site / mobile app) on the one side and web-resource (site / mobile app) itself on another which includes number of terms for each side

User agreement specify relationships between web-resource (site / mobile app) and its users. 

User agreement regulates legal, juristic side of internet activity. It is public offer joining which visitors obtain rights and obligations defined by web-resource (site / mobile app) owner.

* applicable to sites and mobile applications 


One of the web-resource (site / mobile app) sections should contain information about payment methods available for purchasing goods or services


Payment methods: 

Cash payment 

If goods are delivered by courier please use cash for payment. Please check purchase configuration, presence of warranty certificate and receipt upon receiving 

Bank card 

To provide payment with bank card please click «Bank card payment» on the appropriate web-page. 

Payment opportunity is provided by SBERBANK with cards of following payment systems: 

  • MIR (or palace MIR logo)
  • VISA International (or place VISA International logo)
  • Mastercard Worldwide (or place Mastercard Worldwide logo)
  • JCB (or place JCB logo)

The conditions and description of the return of goods or waiver services should be placed in some section of the web-resource (site / mobile app)


The return of the goods 

  • The goods could be returned in maximum 30 days after receiving of the goods. 
  • The refund of paid amount will be provide to your bank account in 5-30 working days (refund time depends of the your Issuer Bank)  


Information describing terms and procedure, delivery time and regions of possible delivery of goods and services.


To provide payment (to input your card date information) you will be redirected to the gateway of Sberbank of Russia. Connection to the gateway and data transmission is secured with SSL protocol. In case your Issuer Bank supports secured payments technology Verified By Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, MIR Accept or J-Secure to provide payment it might be necessary to enter additional passcode.

This site supports 256-bit encryption. Confidentiality of the transmitted personal information is provided by Sberbank of Russia. The entered information will not be provided to third parties except as required by law of the Russian Federation. Making payments with bank cards performs in strict accordance with the requirements of payment systems MIR, Visa Int., MasterCard Europe Sprl. and JCB